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Still they are plotting their plots, but evident are their plots to God, even though they are so adroit as to make the mountains move. "O Moses, I am verily your Lord, so take off your shoes, for you are in the holy plain of Towa. Whatsoever you give away in alms or vow as offering, is all known to God; but the wicked will have none to help them. If they do not answer you, then know it has been revealed with the knowledge of God, and that there is no god but He. (And say:) "Will you now submit?" That We bore their progeny in the laden ark is a sign for them; The day it comes no soul will dare say a word but by His leave; and some will be wretched, some will be blessed. So, when they took him out they planned to throw him into an unused well. We revealed to Joseph: "You will tell them (one day) of this deed when they will not apprehend it." The faithful who sit idle, other than those who are disabled, are not equal to those who fight in the way of God with their wealth and lives. God has exalted those in rank who fight for the faith with their wealth and souls over those who sit idle. Though Gods promise of good is for all, He has granted His favour of the highest reward to those who struggle in preference to those who sit at home. (God) said: "Then go hence, ostracised. You construct monuments on every hill in vain, When the stars are obliterated, Then We placed him as a sperm in a firmly established lodging; Those to whom We have given the Book know it distinctly as they know their sons; but those who are lost of soul do not believe. Have they other associates who have prescribed another law for them which has not been dispensed by God? But for the decisive Word (of God) a sentence would have been passed amongst them. Surely there is a grievous punishment for the ungodly. "How can I have a son," she said, "when no man has touched me, nor am I sinful?"
Death Anniversaries
Name: ADIR ALI, Expiry Date: 1976-10-27

Name: KASAM ALI, Expiry Date: 1974-10-27

Name: KULSOOM BANOO, Expiry Date: 1982-10-27

Name: MOHAMMAD JAFFER, Expiry Date: 1995-10-27

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